Closer ~ by theCipher

Closer ~ by theCipher

I’ve been shooting a lot of pink lately… I think somebody’s been brain-washing me!

Rocking The East Cost – II

“This feels just like Darjeeling!”

”Have you ever been to Darjeeling?”


Highways of Philadelphia must’ve never been described in those words before.

We were on our way to New York/New Jersey. Backed by a mere three hours of sleep, we had started early in the morning (11 is quite early for me). After a brief respite in a welcoming house in Philadelphia, we were on our way again. I was really hoping to get some sleep on the way but couldn’t. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have drank all that Monster after all.

New Jersey seemed a lot better than what I had heard. No offence! We took a subway to New York in the evening. I don’t know why but every time I was on one of those things I felt I was gonna be mugged! Damn you movies!!

We went to the Times Square – remind me to rent a sailors costume next time I go there.

We went to a Nepali restaurant from there. I was totally jaded by then. I needed an energy drink. Too bad they didn’t have Monster so I had to resort to Jack and Coke. Well, few sips and I was back from the dead. It was wonderful to be amidst such great friends – Jack, Johnnie and Jose. The restaurant was good – drinks, live band… and I heard they had food too!!

The next day – six hours of my life I’ll never get back.

After waiting for some three hours in a line – under the scorching sun,… we finally had our turn to board a boat where we could sit – under the scorching sun,… just to go to an island where we could walk some more – you guessed it! – under the scorching sun… and we had to pay for that!

And ya, don’t know if it’s just me but I though the Statue of Liberty would be a bit… umm, taller, you know!

All in all, the first part of the day was one to forget so I’m moving on.

After a dull and grueling half of a day I couldn’t wait until we reach the Ocean City – a paradise to vacationers, under age drinkers and any Nepali student. So we set out on the road again – missing the proper gas station exits and taking the ones where there were none. And when it came to eccentric comparisons no one was getting left behind.

“This feels just like driving in Terai”

“Have you ever driven in Terai?”


You Don’t Know How Lovely You Are

You Don't Know How Lovely You Are

You Don’t Know How Lovely You Are ~ by theCipher

Helpless!! – You don’t know,
How lovely you are; and I,
Can’t describe in words.

[ Haiku by theCipher ]

About Something – Part 3

About Something – Part 1 … Texas is too damn large… so I haven’t met anyone!
About Something – Part 2 … Exams here are fun… but they make you do your own projects and homework,… which is difficult for me… coz I graduated from IOE!

Welcome to the third installment of my very own observations on life in America. This one’s about one of the “biggest” problems troubling this country – obesity. But where do I start?… Well, it actually started with – “Can I get that with extra cheese?” – but that’s not where I’ll start. I’ll start at a soccer game.

The ball was right there in front of me and the people I was playing against were no Messi – Hell, some of them almost looked like they’ve eaten Messi for dinner. So I tried to run for the ball but I felt as though something’s holding me back. It felt like I was running with a huge bag on my back – just like the way we used to do in our school days. So I looked around for the bag but there was none to be found. “Shit!”- it hit me – “I’m not carrying a bags weight!… I’ve eaten a bags weight!!”. I went out – Someone else came in my place – He started playing again – I started breathing again.

It was actually on a picnic. We had made two small teams and were playing against each other. But my mind was not in the game anymore. All this was bit troubling for me. So I went by the lake side – barbeque chicken drumstick in one hand – beer in the other – and started thinking – “How can I improve my health?!”

*     *     *     *     *

A friend of mine, flying high with weed and suffering with munchies, once asked me – “What is the purpose of life?” “What is true love?” “And why the f*** is that pizza taking so long for delivery?!!”. And I had one simple answer for all three – “Cheese”. OK that never happened but the point is I love cheese. Well, cheese and snickers. And I’m not the only one.

It still baffles me seeing people order at fast-food places. Biggest size burger with fried everything and cheese – and then they have the audacity to insist on “diet” coke. As if that’s going to fix it all. And ya, while we’re on the subject, if you want to have a healthy salad, try not to drown the lettuce in sour-cream and bury with cheese gratings.

*     *     *     *     *

So there I was contemplating all this when suddenly I realized my beer bottle was empty. Hesitant to get up and walk, I looked around lazily for someone who can pass me another beer. I noticed someone transferring roasted pork pieces from barbeque skewer to the plate. And just like how it all began, and hundreds of times after that, my heart went – “Can I get that with extra cheese?”

Fibonacci’s Heart

fibonacci's heart

Yes I know
that I’m not well
getting restless by day
sleeping little on nights
battling myself
I’ve turned this too into a fight
thorn and rose
using Fibonacci’s heart
keeps this riddle close
from its last beat new starts
falling from top
chop! chop!!
This is crazy
all I ever wanted
was a blue daisy
so I’d smile
nothing twisted
nothing vile
but regardless of what I know
I’ll never defeat the nature
so either I’ll try
to wait for it to die
or keep you afar
so bye.

Pink is the Color of Love

Pink is the Color of Love ~ by theCipher

… someone told me!

My Zombie Wedding (Based on a True Nightmare)

Yesterday I dreamt about a zombie invasion… and about my wedding… and the zombie invasion was lesser scary. Seriously.

First I was somehow coaxed into a wedding and I hadn’t even seen the bride. WTF right? Exactly! Hell I don’t even know when it turned from a casual chat with my buddies into a wedding – but dreams are like that. Everyone around me were busy, doing whatever people have to do at weddings, and there I was, absolutely petrified. All I could think was “What if she’s ugly!?!”

There were a couple of other things going through my mind that I can’t mention here but that’s beside the point. And ya, for some odd reason I was really interested to know whether or not this particular girl was invited to the wedding whom I once had a huge crush on.

Anyway, I don’t know what happened next but after a while the whole dream turned into a zombie invasion. Maybe my prayers were answered – I don’t know, but boy was I glad that there was no wedding anymore. These zombies were really slow and not that strong, and there were a lot of people on my side. So it was basically a walk in a park – a pleasant turn of event after that dreaded wedding.

Don’t remember much after that. Later I woke up to find out Germany had a little nightmare of their own in the World Cup against Serbia. Not surprising for the second youngest team in the tournament.

But this is what’s bothering me – I’d rather look at an ugly zombie than an ugly girl!… really tells you just how superficial I am!!

~ by a guy who fears commitment more than he fears zombies

Times Flies… Just When You’re Having the Most Fun

Time Flies ~ by theCipher

Time Flies ~ by theCipher

… “Time flies, just when you’re having the most fun”…

… my first upload from my new Nikkor 50mm F1.8 lens… love that lens :)

… this is about the short and awesome vacation I spent two weeks ago around East Coast… best time I had in a long long time… met some old friends and found some new ones… loved it… more pics coming soon…

… despite what that watch shows it’s already 3 in the morning/night/whatever… catching up with all the Jon Stewart’s Daily Show I’ve missed for past few weeks… but gotta go sleep now…

… also here’s wishing a rare 6 hours sleep to one my new friends – hope your nightmares are in vacation today…

… good night all!


Haven’t eaten since yesterday
And I’m hungry as hell
Yet they talk about the food
In the chats and on the cell
Oh how mad it drives me
I can’t begin to tell
I can see all the flavors
And hear all the smell

Do you think it helps me
Does it satiate my hunger
When I’m trying to forget it
And wait a little longer
Listen up friends
If you wanna do some good
Next time I’m hungry
Please don’t talk about food!

City of Gold

City of Gold ~ by theCipher

City of Gold ~ by theCipher

… found this pic from the winter break while looking for something new to upload…

… life’s good… enjoying the world cup – well as much as any supporter of England football team can…

… got lots to do this week… another project deadline… and there’s always work…

… worried about the inevitable… fighting… lets see

… cheers!